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The Basics in Origin

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Blocking of Harmful substances

High-performance quadruple filter mask blocks
certain harmful substances


Korea, United States, and European
Accreditation Passed


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R&D Product Research & Development

THE BIO is taking on new challenges for a better tomorrow than today.
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experience the joy of fruitfulness.

  • 제품 연구 개발
  • 제품 연구 개발
Disposable Triple Filter – The Rest

It is highly ventilated and dustproof by using high-quality non-woven fabrics instead of regular ones.

  • Advanced non-woven triple-structure mask
  • Wired nose support
  • Avoid spillage and misting
  • Strong earbands that can be worn for a long time
  • 3D wrinkles considering face flexion and breathing
The Pure - Anti Droplet Mask

You can breathe comfortably with KF-AD products certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in your daily life.

  • Three-structured fabric mask (MB filter applied)
  • Functional nose support
  • Comfortable and flexible earband
  • Finished passing 5 test items
  • Excellent adhesion
KF94 Mask – Forest village anti_infection

KF94 can filter more than 94% of particles with an average size of 0.4μm, thereby protecting your respiratory system from particulate harmful substances─source of infection─such as yellow dust, fine dust, droplets, and viruses.

  • KF94 Food and Drug Administration approved product
  • Various sizes (3 types) that can be worn from adults to infants
  • 3D stereoscopic structure for comfortable breathing; not touching lips
  • Length of ear straps can be adjusted to fit your face
  • Quadruple blocking and built-in filter
  • Blocking yellow dust and fine dust
  • Blocking sources of COVID-19 infection such as droplets

CERTIFYCATION Certification and Patent

Acquired domestic KC certification, US FDA approval, and ISO international certification. PH/formaldehyde/arylamine was not detected in the quality control inspection by a national accredited certification authority and passed the stability test.

  • European Certified CE - Forest Village(KF-94)
    European Certified CE - Forest Village(KF-94)
  • 국제인증CE - 더휴
    International Certification CE
    The Rest
  • 국제인증CE - 더순수
    International Certification CE
    The Pure
  • 의약외품 제조업 신고증
    Quasi-drug Manufacturing
    Business Certificate
  • 품질경영시스템인증서
    Quality Management System
  • 환경경영시스템인증
    Environmental Management
    System Certificate
  • 시험 성적서 (덴탈용 마스크)
    Test report
    (Disposable Mask)
  • 시험 성적서 (일회용 필터 - 더순수)
    Test report
    (Triple Filter - The Pure)
  • 시험 성적서 (일회용 부직포 - 더휴)
    Test report
    (Triple Non-woven Fabric - The Rest)
식품의약품안전처, 특허청, FDA, CE, ISO 국제인증 9001,14001
식품의약품안전처, 특허청, FDA, CE, ISO 국제인증 9001,14001
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Seo-gu (88, Daegok-dong), Incheon, Republic of Korea
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